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Crawling Mat: the Beginning of Baby's Exploration of the World

1. What is the significance of using baby foam crawling mat?

Some parents are very careful in taking care of their babies. Even when they reach the age when their babies can crawl, they always hold or push their babies because they are afraid of getting dirty on the ground, fearing that the baby will catch a cold on the ground, or squatting, etc. conditions, thereby depriving the baby of the opportunity to learn to crawl.

The baby foam crawling pad is designed for these worried parents. When crawling on the ground, spread out the baby foam crawling pad, and you no longer need to consider whether the ground material will be too cold or too hard, which will make the baby uncomfortable and unwilling. climbed.

The partially smooth baby foam crawling pad also reduces the resistance of the baby to crawl, and the baby foam crawling pad allows the baby to crawl faster.

A few-month-old baby is very light and may not break the skin while crawling. Older babies crawl on their elbows and knees because of their weight gain, which can easily abrade their skin.

There is a treasure in the family, and everything is good, but because of this, you can’t wear elbow pads and knee pads like adults when crawling. Therefore, we consider externally and add a baby foam crawling pad, which can be the icing on the cake for the baby’s crawling. , so that the baby is more willing to get up.

There are a lot of baby clothes, but the split clothes that are worn every day are not very suitable for crawling. To teach the baby to learn to crawl, it is best to wear a jumpsuit for the baby (the top and pants of the clothes form a whole).

When crawling, it will not expose the baby's waist and belly, will not rub the tender skin, and will not affect the baby's interest in crawling.

2. The protection of baby foam crawling pads for different age groups

0-9 months: When the baby starts crawling, the soft cushioning of the baby foam crawling pad effectively protects the baby's wrists and knees.

9-24 months: The baby is easy to fall and hurt his head when he is a toddler. The baby foam crawling pad protects the baby's head and neck.

2-4 years old: When the baby starts to sit on the ground and play with toys, the baby foam crawling mat can prevent the baby from catching a cold while sitting on the cold ground. At the same time, the educational pattern can cultivate the baby's cognitive ability and let the baby win at the starting line.

4-7 years old: When the baby jumps and starts to learn to exercise and dance, the crawling pad can relieve the impact of the feet and the ground, protect the baby and prevent the noise from disturbing the people.

Generally speaking, the promotion of products is to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and exaggerate the original height to be longer. In front of Madam Wang, we need to be fully prepared to buy good melons.

Before buying, it is necessary to consider whether the baby foam crawling pad is mainly used at home or outdoors. The thicker the better in the ideal situation of unlimited space, but there are still times when it is inconvenient to carry.

The style requirements for crawling mats do not need to be too high, because most of the crawling mats are printed with some pictures and texts suitable for babies to learn.

However, because red, yellow, orange, green and other bright colors are the baby's favorite colors, and they can also attract the baby's attention and interest the most, they should be preferred.

iFoaming provides various baby foam crawling mats, custom service is available. Welcome to contact us for any needs.

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