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How Many Years is the Use of Baby Foam Crawling Mat?

The baby foam crawling mat is needed by every family with a baby. It can be laid on the floor of the living room or bedroom, and the baby can crawl and play on it.

For the sake of baby's health and safety, when purchasing a baby foam crawling mat, you must choose a quality-guaranteed one, and it is not recommended to use it for too long. What is the service life of the baby's foam crawling mat? Today we will introduce it to you in detail.

Ⅰ. Does the baby foam crawling mat have a shelf life?

Different from towels, toothbrushes, feeding bottles, pacifiers and other items, baby foam crawling pads have a prescribed service life and should be replaced regularly after a certain period of time, otherwise it will breed bacteria and affect the baby's health.

Crawling mats are items that can be used for a long time. Eva playmats can be used all the time as long as they are not damaged or contaminated with dirt. Most crawling mats can be used for about five years.

However, if you accidentally spill dirt on the foam crawling pad during use, and it cannot be cleaned, you cannot continue to use it for your baby.

Also, if there is a hole on the crawling pad, do not continue to use it, because there may be foam leaking from the hole, and the baby will scratch it out of curiosity, and there is a danger of accidental ingestion.

When buying foam crawling pads for babies, mothers should try to buy foam pads with moderate thickness. If it is too thin, it will be uncomfortable for the baby to use and may hurt the bones, but if it is too thick, it is not conducive to the baby's crawling.

Buying a thickness of 2cm is the most suitable, the baby is more comfortable to use, and it is strong and durable. During the use process, the mother should always clean the crawling pad with disinfectant wipes.

Ⅱ. Judgment criteria for the use time of baby foam crawling mats

This should be determined according to the quality of the crawling mat. If it is broken, it will be replaced. There is no time limit. It needs to be cleaned and wiped with baby laundry detergent every day, and then disinfected with 84 disinfectant for a week.

Because there are bacteria on the feet, including bacteria in the air, as well as daily things, otherwise the baby will easily get inflammation if he does not wear pants. Generally, if it is not needed, do not lay baby foam crawling mat at home, put on shoes for the baby to play in the house.

1. Security

Although the baby is crawling on the crawling mat, it is already in a relatively safe and soft environment, and will not accidentally knock on the knee or hurt the head.

However, parents should still organize the toys on the crawling mat or the environment near the crawling mat, such as some sharp objects, toy parts, etc., to prevent children from accidentally swallowing or scratching, and prevent accidents.

2. Comfort

During the crawling process, let the baby keep his body as free as possible, and do not put too many heavy clothes on the baby, which will cause the baby to move inconveniently.

It is best to wear a onesie for the baby. The top and pants of this kind of clothes form a whole. When crawling on the foam crawling pad, the baby's waist and belly will not be exposed. Crawl interest.

3. Protective measures

The baby's crawling focus is on the elbows and knees. As the baby's weight increases, the pressure on the baby's elbows and knees also increases.

Coupled with frequent crawling movements, the foam crawling on the line can easily scratch the baby's skin. It is best for mothers to bring elbow pads and knee pads to the baby to avoid harm to the baby's body.

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