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iFoaming Sharing How to Choose Good Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are mats that are laid on the ground when practicing yoga. They can effectively block the cold on the ground, have a strong grip, and have outstanding resilience, flatness, non-slip properties, and human skin compatibility.

How To Choose The Material Of The Yoga Mat?

Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, and there are also many kinds of yoga mats to accompany the practitioners, but what is the material of the yoga mat? Yoga mats should be soft and flexible. The two most widely used yoga mats are TPE and PVC. The advantages of these two are that they meet environmental protection standards and can be recycled without causing pollution to the environment. Among them, TPE is the most environmentally friendly to the human body and has no peculiar smell.

The main components of TPE foam mats are TPE, EVA, and artificial rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is high, and the industry entry barrier is high. The product is of good quality, elastic enough, soft, and high anti-slip effect. It does not contain plastic and is easy to decompose. It is currently a more promising eva playmats and is deeply loved by environmentalists. TPE cushions can currently be 10 mm thick.

How To Choose A Yoga Mat According To Yoga Exercise?

If you are learning yoga that focuses on softness training, you spend most of your time sitting on a mat, then the play foam mat is thicker and softer, so you can sit more comfortably. However, if the yoga is mainly PowerYoga or AshtangaYoga, the mat should not be too hard, and the requirements for slip resistance should also be higher. why? Because the mat is too soft, it will be very difficult to do a lot of movements while standing on it (especially balance movements such as tree poses are the most obvious). And this kind of yoga action will cause people to sweat a lot, if there is no mat with a better anti-slip degree, slipping will occur.

If the movement is not so static, nor does it sweat as much as running, it is somewhere in between. What kind of mat should be used? The answer is "I still choose a bit thinner." Because it looks like a car with a very soft suspension system, driving on a mountain road will be like a boat. The thick cushion (above 5mm) loses the feeling of contact with the ground, and it will feel "distorted" if you do a lot of movements.

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