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How to Make a Maze with a Foam Crawling Mat?

We all know that babies will crawl at a certain stage, so choosing a crawling mat is a good choice. There are crawling mats of different materials on the market.

Foam crawling mats, for example, are one of them. So is there any other function of the foam crawling mat besides crawling for the baby?

1. How to make a maze with a foam crawling mat?

Babies learn to crawl when they are 6-10 months old. For babies, crawling can make the baby's hands, eyes and feet coordinate and cooperate.

At the same time, it can maintain the baby's sense of balance, which is helpful for the development of the baby's left and right brains. Crawling can make the baby smarter. You can choose a foam crawling mat, which can also be used as a toy for other babies.

The foam crawling mat can be cut to make a maze. The selected baby foam crawling mat material can be made of EVA material, which is odorless, pollution-free, easy to clean, and keeps the baby away from bacteria.

Soft and elastic: The soft and elastic material can absorb shock and shock, no matter how the baby bounces, it will keep the baby safe at all times.

Non-toxic and tasteless: It does not contain any harmful substances at all, it is truly non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the baby is healthier, and the mother is more assured.

Double-sided anti-skid: Generally, the double-sided pattern of the foam crawling mat adopts a bumpy anti-skid design, which is double-sided and double-safe.

3C certification: It is a pass to enter the market, a safe firewall, and an assessment of product conformity. Only the crawling mat with this mark is the safest.

2. How to clean the baby foam crawling mat?

When the baby is still relatively young, he is very energetic and likes to crawl around and needs a certain range of activities. At this time, you can buy some crawling mats for the baby and put them on the floor at home, which will be more conducive to the child's safe activities.

When the weather is good, you can wipe it with a wet towel, and at the same time put it in the sun to dry it, so that the foam crawling mat is kept dry, which will reduce the production of bacteria, so as not to affect the health of the child.

When the crawling pad is particularly dirty, it can be directly dipped into the water and brushed with a brush. At the same time, it can be thoroughly cleaned with a baby clothes detergent, and then immediately taken to the outdoor to dry.

It is better to place it in the sun, which will be more conducive to the rapid drying of the foam crawling mat, and at the same time, it can also play a certain bactericidal effect.

If there is a certain amount of geothermal heating at home, there is no need to buy some foam crawling mats, because it is possible that the high temperature of the floor heating will make the baby foam crawling mat soft and deteriorate.

It is not recommended to use some composite crawling mats in geothermal rooms or other environments that are too hot, so as not to affect the baby's health.

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