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Reasons for Choosing EVA Floor Mats

Ⅰ. EVA floor mats can prevent children from being injured

Babies are always innocent, playful, and like new things. We often say that many children are more "grounded". In fact, it means that they especially like to play on the ground.

It's too cold on the floor, and it's not good for children to stay on it for a long time. And the floor is generally relatively hard, if there is a fall, it will be the parents who feel distressed. Therefore, the eva puzzle floor mat is more suitable for children.

The texture of the eva puzzle mat is very soft and has high toughness. Therefore, it is not easy for children to fall and hurt when they stay on the eva puzzle floor mat. In addition, the eva puzzle floor mat also has the characteristics of thermal insulation. Therefore, mothers do not have to worry that their children will catch a cold playing on the eva puzzle mat.

Mothers all want their children to grow up happily. Many children prefer puzzle piece floor tiles. Because these eva puzzle mats not only have a lot of their favorite cartoon characters.

And the eva puzzle floor mat can also be used as their toy, and you are not afraid of slipping when you play on the eva puzzle floor mat. There are many animal patterns on the eva puzzle floor mat, and the patterns on these eva puzzle floor mats help children. brain development.

In this way, children can learn while playing with the eva puzzle floor mat. I think many parents will also prefer such eva floor mats!

The eva puzzle floor mat is certified by environmental protection organizations. Therefore, the eva puzzle floor mat is safe, environmentally friendly and economical. Therefore, eva puzzle floor mats are favored by so many consumers.

It is children's nature to love watching cartoons. If mothers choose an eva puzzle mat with animated characters like the one in the picture for their children, then the children will definitely spend more time playing on the eva puzzle mat than watching TV, which is also while maintaining the innocence of the children. , protect the health of children to prevent children from myopia.

Ⅱ. EVA puzzle floor mats have many uses

1. The eva puzzle floor mat is a must-have item for travel: the eva puzzle floor mat is waterproof, sun-resistant, easy to clean, and can be laid on the grass, beach, square, etc.

2. The eva puzzle floor mat is rich in color and cartoon pictures, especially for babies aged 0-1.

3. Fitness: Babies can play freely on the eva puzzle mat to promote growth.

4. The eva puzzle floor mat has cartoon patterns and game facilities, which is the best period for 1-year-old babies to develop their intelligence.

iFoaming provides various eva foam puzzle floor mats, custom service is available. Welcome to contact us for any needs.

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