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Precautions for Using Children's Foam Floor Mats

EVA foam spliced floor mats are favored and welcomed by consumers due to their soft texture, high toughness, and heat preservation. Many families will buy them as crawling mats for their children.

Ⅰ. Why do we need children's foam mats?

1. When the baby is 9 months old, it is the growth stage of their motor nerves, and the baby starts to crawl. Compared with wooden floor or bed, crawling mat has a good guarantee in thickness and safety.

2. When the baby is 11 months old, it is the stage of learning to walk. Babies who have just learned to walk are easy to fall, so the baby foam crawling mat plays a good cushioning role.

3. When the baby is 2-4 years old, it is the early education game stage. The crawling mat can keep out the cold and protect the baby's body.

In fact, the crawling mat is a paradise for babies, but crawling on the crawling mat alone is not as good as having parents around me. It will greatly help the baby's character and physical growth. Therefore, what is more important is the parents' care for the baby.

Ⅱ. Cleaning of children's foam floor mats

1. When it is sunny, take out the children's foam floor mat and bask in the sun for sterilization. If it is placed indoors for a long time, it will easily become moldy.

2. After washing the children's foam floor mats, they should be dried immediately to keep them dry.

3. If the children's foam floor mat accidentally gets oily stamps, paints or soups, wash them immediately to ensure they are clean and prevent peculiar smells.

4. Like daily care, please shake off the dust on the foam floor mats.

5. Use high-pressure water pipes to rinse, preferably with water temperature below 40 ℃, you can use some neutral detergents, do not use acid-alkaline detergents to clean, because it will accelerate the aging of the floor mats.

6. When cleaning, make sure that all the residues of the cleaning agent have been washed out, and dried in time after cleaning, so that it can be sterilized.

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